Green Chain BeautyTM

Green Chain BeautyTM is our comprehensive standard created to make sure the whole supply chain for making our products is sustainable. It covers all aspects starting from raw ingredients selections, production, packaging to the final products delivered to our consumers.

Laloirelle® is the first organic skin care brand that is created by a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) engineer with the innovative Green Chain BeautyTM concept, which creates effective natural products.

At Laloirelle® we equally care about our environmental impacts as we do about our customers’ wellness. That is why we select top quality ingredients and related materials carefully from our green supply chain.

It must be good for you and good for the planet. We are uncompromising. We continuously look for innovative solutions and likeminded supply chain partners who prioritize sustainability. We are at the forefront of the industry and keep an eye on the latest technology.

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Laloirelle®’s Green Chain BeautyTM Delivers:

Top Quality Ingredients, Ethically Sourced (0% nasties)

Responsibly sourced and certified, our ingredients are naturally derived, renewable and biodegradable. Most of our ingredients are USDA organic certified, which protect natural resources and conserve biodiversity. We handpick the purest, most effective ingredients, which minimally processed, maintain their nutrients and benefits without the need for chemical treatments and energy intensive processes.

Earth-Friendly Packaging

We use recyclable carton boxes and glass bottle packaging to help make a positive global impact. Our face cleansers are plastic-bottle-free. We use Biophotonic glass to make sure our natural organic products are preserved in their freshest state. Our shipping boxes are made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper, also known as closed-loop recycling.

Made with Low Energy

Unlike creams and lotions that require emulsification, our oil moisturizers are produced without the need for energy intensive heating and cooling processes significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Transparency + Honesty

Product transparency represents our quest for clear, honest and ethical manufacturing. We strongly oppose “greenwashing” marketing techniques and offer 100% transparency so that you can safely trust the labels of our products, and know exactly what you’re going to get.

Giving Back to Society and the Planet

We support society and our planet by donating 1% of our sales to help improve the community, fund renewable energy projects, and protect the rain forests for a greener earth. In support of the Rain Forest Rescue® program, we donate to save a 50 square foot area of rain forests for every product that is sold.

Restore Energy & Water

Earth resources are limited. We participate in restoring the environment by purchasing renewable energy credits, business carbon offsets and freshwater ecosystem restoration certificates that fund renewable energy and water projects. We use computer software to keep track of our effort.

For The Future

“Our ethical beauty delivers the highest quality and effective products to our consumers, while preserving the natural world for future generations”, this is the foundation on which Laloirelle® was built. We invite you to join and support us. We promise to influence more business and consumers to do the same. When you buy products from Laloirelle® you are supporting sustainability and environmental conservation. When you share our green practices, you are influencing people around you as well.


Green America Certified Business - Laloirelle

We’re GOLD Certified Green America® Business!

We are proud to be recognized and certified for our exceptional standards for social and environmental impacts that go beyond the general standards! The GOLD-Level Green America® Certification is only awarded to companies who are leaders in their industries that embed social responsibility into the DNA of their company.


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