What is the 'yo' form of the verb escribir in present tense?

Escribir in Present Tense:

When conjugating the verb "escribir" in present tense, you need to match it with the subject pronoun. Here is the breakdown:

yo (I) escribo

For example: Yo escribo una carta (I write a letter).

tú (you) escribes

For example: Tú escribes un poema (You write a poem).

él/ella/usted (he/she/you formal) escribe

For example: Él escribe un cuento (He writes a story).

nosotros/nosotras (we) escribimos

For example: Nosotros escribimos un libro (We write a book).

vosotros/vosotras (you all) escribís

For example: Vosotros escribís correos electrónicos (You all write emails).

ellos/ellas/ustedes (they/you all formal) escriben

For example: Ellos escriben en el periódico (They write in the newspaper).

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