The Tragic Tale of "Corrida de Gallos" from Peruvian Stories

What is the story of "Corrida de Gallos" about?

The story narrates the events following a cockfight between the roosters owned by Don Fulgencio Fabres and Don Tadeo Santiván.


The story "Corrida de Gallos" revolves around a tragic incident that unfolds after a fateful cockfight between two roosters owned by Don Fulgencio Fabres and Don Tadeo Santiván.

Set in Peru, the story depicts the intense rivalry between the two men as they pit their prized roosters, named Capulí and Pimienta, against each other in a highly anticipated match. People from all around gather to witness the spectacle and place their bets on the outcome, eagerly awaiting to see which rooster would emerge victorious and who would claim the title of the best cockfighter in Peru.

Capulí and Pimienta were renowned for their victories over roosters imported from England, adding to the excitement and tension surrounding the showdown. As the bets were placed and the roosters engaged in a fierce battle, Pimienta emerged as the ultimate winner, sealing his superiority in the ring.

However, the story takes a dark turn when Don Fulgencio, known for his arrogance, challenges Don Tadeo to a duel after the defeat of his rooster. Despite Don Tadeo's reluctance to engage in the violent confrontation, a tragic altercation ensues when Don Fulgencio forcibly takes hold of Amparo, Don Tadeo's lover, leading to a fatal outcome for Don Tadeo.

The story of "Corrida de Gallos" serves as a cautionary tale about the destructive consequences of pride, rivalry, and misplaced aggression. It highlights the tragic chain of events that unfold when egos clash and tempers flare, ultimately resulting in irreversible loss and devastation.

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