Linear Algebra 4th Edition: A Modern Breakthrough by David Poole

What is the Linear Algebra 4th Edition about?

Linear Algebra is known to be a type of a modern breakthrough or an introduction that was made by David Poole at Trent University. It handles a lot of issues regarding algebra.

The value of c for that has the pair of equations: cx – y = 2 and 6x – 2y = 3 is what?

The answer to the above is 3.


Linear Algebra 4th Edition by David Poole is a groundbreaking introduction to modern algebra that addresses various issues related to algebra, offering a comprehensive understanding of the subject. In terms of the linear equation provided, the value of c for the pair of equations cx – y = 2 and 6x – 2y = 3 is indeed 3.

Understanding Linear Algebra 4th Edition by David Poole

Linear Algebra 4th Edition is a renowned text that covers a wide range of topics within algebra, providing readers with a strong foundation in the subject. David Poole, a distinguished professor at Trent University, has crafted this textbook to offer insights into the complexities of algebra and its applications in various fields.

The book delves into key concepts such as vector spaces, linear transformations, and matrix operations, offering clear explanations and examples to aid in comprehension. With an emphasis on practical applications and theoretical foundations, Linear Algebra 4th Edition serves as a valuable resource for students and professionals alike.

As for the specific question regarding the value of c in the given pair of equations, the solution is determined by solving the system of equations simultaneously. By substituting the given values into the equations and performing the necessary calculations, the value of c is found to be 3.

Overall, Linear Algebra 4th Edition by David Poole is a must-read for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of algebra and its significance in the world of mathematics and beyond.

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