How dense is the metal block?

What is the density of a metal block if it has a volume of 0.035mL and a mass of 765mg? The density of the metal block can be determined by using the formula: Density = mass/volume. Given that the volume of the metal block is 0.035mL and the mass is 765mg, we can calculate the density.

To calculate the density of the metal block, we first need to convert the mass from milligrams to grams. This can be done by dividing the mass by 1000, since 1 gram is equal to 1000 milligrams.

Mass of the block in grams:

765mg = 765 x 10⁻³ g = 0.765g

Now, we can calculate the density using the formula:

Density = mass/volume

Density = 0.765g / 0.035mL

Density = 21.86g/mL

Therefore, the density of the metal block is 21.86g/mL. This means that for every milliliter of the metal block, it has a mass of 21.86 grams.

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