Sustainable Clean Beauty

At Laloirelle® we equally care about our environmental impacts as we do about our customers’ wellness. That is why we created the Green Chain BeautyTM standard, to make sure the whole supply chain for making our products is sustainable. It covers all aspects starting from raw ingredients selections, production, packaging to the final products delivered to our consumers.

It must be good for you and good for the planet. We are uncompromising. We continuously look for innovative solutions and like-minded supply chain partners who prioritize sustainability. We are at the forefront of the industry and keep an eye on the latest technology.


From raw ingredients selections, production, packaging to the final products delivered to our consumers.

  • Ingredients:Naturally Derived, Renewable, Biodegradable, USDA Certified, Handpicked, Minimally Processed, And Highest Quality.
  • Production: Low Energy Production Without Emulsification, Reduce Carbon Footprint, Handcrafted In Small Batches.
  • Restore Energy & Water: Purchase Renewable Energy Credits, Business Carbon Offsets And Freshwater ECO-System Restoration Certificates.
  • Packaging: Recyclable Carton Boxes And Glass Bottles, Biodegradable Paper, Plastic-Bottle-Less Cleanser.
  • Shipping: Shipping Boxes Made With 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper, Know As Closed-Loop Recycling.
  • Environmental / Social Impact: Donate Part Of Profits To Help Improve Community Livelihood, Fund Renewable Energy Projects, And Protect Rain Forests.

For The Future

Our ethical beauty delivers the highest quality and effective products to our consumers, while preserving the natural world for future generations, this is the foundation on which Laloirelle® was built.

We invite you to join and support us. We promise to influence more business and consumers to do the same. When you buy products from Laloirelle® you are supporting sustainability and environmental conservation. When you share our green practices, you are influencing people around you as well.