Laloirelle Story: Traditional Chinese Medicine Meets the Latest in Skincare Technology to Achieve True Beauty.

- by Yin Yin Wu, Founder

"Understanding the wonderful properties of traditional Chinese Medicine made me realize that the vast majority of cosmetic products available on the market don’t take full advantage of the benefits nature provides."

For Laloirelle founder, Yin Yin Wu, creating ultimately effective skincare that combines traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the latest in skincare technology is not just a passion, but a birthright. Laloirelle’s products are crafted to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, deliver more translucent, glowing skin, promote elasticity, firm and nourish skin, and reduce visible signs of aging.

From  face oils and serums to toners, and soap cleansers, Yin Yin develops each unique skincare offerings with your needs in mind. Now, she invites you to learn not only more about how Laloirelle began, but how the her exclusive skincare line can help you get glowing, vibrant, more youthful skin using traditional Chinese herbs and mushrooms working synergistically with cutting edge anti-aging ingredients.

What we are good at:

"Knowing how to effectively combine ingredients to target a specific function is both art and science."

You are invited to learn more about how Laloirelle began:

How did you get into traditional Chinese medicine?

I learned traditional Chinese medicine from my mother and grandmother. I grew up in a small town in South China.  Herbs have not only been a family tradition for generations, but an integral part of our health and well-being. Some of my first memories are of my mother taking my sister and me to pick herbs. Plantago Asiatica was one of the popular herbs we picked, which is traditionally used to cool body heat, soothe liver disease, and calm urinary system inflammation.

For more rare and exotic herbs, my family purchased them from a Chinese herbal medicine store, which was also the place I got to experience and learn more about all of the many benefits herbs have to offer. My grandparents used to make herbal infusions for longevity. In their room, they stored many big clear glass jars through which you could see various herbs inside. My grandparents used expensive herbs, such as Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom and Caterpillar Fungus. They infused the herbs in rice wine for a year and drank a small cup of the herbal extract every day to boost longevity.

Why do you use traditional Chinese medicine in skin care?

Incorporating TCM in skin care products is definitely not a common practice in the cosmetic industry, but my family has done so for generations. Having suffered from severe acne as a teenage girl, my mother would squeeze the juice from fresh herbs and apply it to my skin to calm it and soothe my face.

Knowing how to effectively combine ingredients to target a specific function is both art and science. Each herb has its own beneficial properties.

Understanding the wonderful properties of TCM made me realize that the vast majority of cosmetic products available on the market don’t take full advantage of the benefits nature provides. I also studied the science of skin cell aging at UCLA. Combining my family’s TCM knowledge with the knowledge I gained from the UCLA cosmetics curriculum, I created a potent skin care line called Laloirelle.

How do you incorporate TCM into your products?

Similar to the longevity tonic my grandparents made, the most effective way to incorporate TCM is through herbal infusions. Learning how to make them from my family, I was able to develop a method to make herbal extracts for skin care applications. Traditionally, herbs can be infused in oil using heat from sunlight over at least a month. However, the heat from sunlight is not consistent. It also introduces UV light that can shorten the useful life of the base oil.  I developed my own herbal-in-oil infusion method in a heat controlled chamber that preserves quality of the extracts throughout the process, maintaining their effectiveness and potency.

Using the highest quality herbs is an essential first step in our skin care. I source and utilize USDA Organic Certified herbs in our herbal extract complex. This way, we can guarantee our skin care products not only provide the highest benefit to our customer’s skin, but also ensure we source environmentally sustainable ingredients.

What we believe:

" We believe true beauty can be achieved by taking care of you skin and living a balanced lifestyle."

What is the most unique and effective ingredient used in your skin care products?

The most unique and effective ingredient I use is definitely the Caterpillar Fungus, also known as Cordyceps Mushroom. In Chinese, it is called Dong-Chong-Xia-Chao, meaning that it is a caterpillar in the winter that turns into an herb in the summer.

In the traditional Chinese medicine, Caterpillar Fungus is valued for promoting longevity, restoring energy, and its anti-aging capability, much of which is due to its potent antioxidant activity.

I include organic Caterpillar Fungus extract in my Rejuvenation Herbal Complex along with forest grown Ginseng and Reishi Mushroom. This exclusive complex is included in all Laloirelle facial moisturizers and serums.

You mentioned you took a cosmetic course in UCLA. Why did you take it?

While TCM is the key in my skin care formulations, I did not want to miss the opportunity of incorporating other innovative ingredients that can help boost the effectiveness of my products. So I took various natural skin care formulation courses as well as the Skin Care Ingredients for Cosmetic Professionals course at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). I’ve learned so much from these courses, such as the science of skin cell aging theory and various innovative ingredients for anti-aging.

How did you incorporate your UCLA study into your skin care products?

Understanding the causes of skin aging and other skin problems are important for selecting effective ingredients. The course covered many innovative ingredients outside of TCM, so I took what I learned and included many cutting edge ingredients, such as Stem Cells and Hyaluronic Acid to enhance my formulations.

Stem Cells are scientifically cultivated plant extracts with antioxidant properties as well as collagen boosting functions. I created the Age Renewal Serum with our 5 Stem Cells complex to fully utilize the benefits of stem cells.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a compound that naturally occurs and serves as a water reservoir in skin. As we age, skin loses the ability to hold sufficient water. Raw Hyaluronic Acid is in powder form and it can be dissolved in liquid. I source plant-origin HA and include maximum effective dosage of HA in my serums to present the highest benefit, which you don’t find in other brands.

What is your Mission Statement for Laloirelle?

The mission statement for Laloirelle is to achieve true beauty. We believe true beauty can be achieved by taking care of you skin and living a balanced lifestyle. A balanced life comes in physical, emotional and spiritual forms. Our body rejuvenates and feels refreshed from a balanced life, which results in healthy glowing skin.

Are you still developing new products?

Yes, I am always looking out for new ingredients and working on new formulations. So far, we’ve launched moisturizers, serums, toner, soap cleansers, and natural perfumes. Some of the products we are currently working on include facial exfoliators and masks.