What makes nature so instantly calming for the human mind? What draws us over and over again to the green plains and the luscious gardens? Perhaps we miss our primordial bond with nature and seek to evoke it with every smell, texture, and fabric.


The mystery behind this fundamental connection was what drove the Wu sisters to study the science behind the many benefits that natural ingredients provide.


It all started during their childhood in a small town in South East China. Both Yin Yin and Anita have fond memories of herb picking excursions with their mother and grandmother. Herbs were not only a tradition present in their family for generations but also an important part of their health and well-being.


Ginseng and Caterpillar Fungus were two of the ingredients that their family used to prepare healing concoctions. Surely there was something about these plants that soothed both the body and the mind. Yin Yin and Anita were determined to unravel the secrets of their wonderful properties.


After five years of intense study and research, the Wu sisters gathered enough scientific information to understand the effects natural ingredients have on the human body. They found out that Ginseng and Caterpillar Fungus have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that help preserve your youth and boost your health.


All this research made them realize that the vast majority of cosmetic products available on the market aren’t taking full advantage of the benefits nature provides. Combining their vast scientific experience with their family’s tradition, they created a potent herbal skincare line.


The Wu sisters studied the science of skin cell aging for five years and researched every ingredient carefully. Only after they had all their facts straight, they created skincare products that are scientifically tested.


That’s how Laloirelle was born.


After years of research and hard work, the Yin Yin and Anita turned their dream into reality: to introduce skin care products that are herbal driven and scientifically powered.