Normal to Sensitive Skin Types

This article covers the following for Normal to Sensitive Skin Types:

  • Symptoms and causes of Normal to Sensitive Skin Types
  • How to take care Normal to Sensitive Skin Types and Laloirelle skincare routine
  • Diet and lifestyle tips for Normal to Sensitive Skin Types
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Sensitive skin might have the qualities of dry, oily, aged or combination skin types but are mainly characterized by the redness, itching, and irritation. Sensitive skin is vulnerable to catch allergies and gets easily inflamed. Selecting the right products for sensitive skin is the key to avoid irritations and adverse reactions.


  • Redness
  • Irritation and itching
  • Allergic reactions
  • Dryness and roughness
  • Rashes and burning feeling
  • Skin easily breakouts


Sensitive skin has different underlying causes such as eczema, skin disorders, dermatitis, and other allergic reactions. Dry skin is also a major cause behind sensitive skin as it has no ability to protect the nerve endings. Excessive sun exposure and exposure to damaging UV rays, harsh winds, extreme heat and cold can lead to skin sensitivities. Other secondary factors might include genetics, age, gender differences, and even race, but these are less supported scientifically.


How to Take Care Normal to Sensitive Skin Types?

Dry skin can be taken care of by adding the moisture back to the skin. The key to prevent sensitive skin from worsening further is to avoid the products and chemical ingredients that can trigger itching and other allergic reactions. Knowing the products that can best suit one’s skin can do wonders for the sensitive skin.

Choose an oil moisturizer that is rich in Phytosterols, which help to reduce redness, while calming and soothing. For even bigger benefits, nutrient-rich oils containing antioxidants and fatty acids can also help fend off free radical damage, giving you radiant skin with a beautiful, natural glow. Herbal extracts add additional skin-beautifying and skin-soothing effects. The best oils for sensitive skin types are Laloirelle Luminous Face Oil and our Renew & Balance Face Oil. Our Luminous Face Oil is perfect for calming, soothing, firming, and plumping skin for a more youthful look and delivering translucent, radiant skin. Our Renew & Balance Face Oil is your best choice if you have sensitive and oily skin to calm and balance sebum production, without clogging your pores.

There are four basic steps to the Laloirelle skincare routine:

  1. Cleanser 2. Toner 3. Moisturizer 4. Serum

Goal for Normal to Dry Skin Types: to deeply nourish your delicate skin, bathing it in rich essential fatty acids and herbal extracts with powerful antioxidants.

  1. Cleanser: Renew & Calm Bar Soap with Calendula and Pink Grapefruit Oil
  2. Toner: Clear Skin Replenishing Toner made with herbal distillations
  3. Moisturizer: Luminous Oil or Renew and Balance Face Oil
  4. Serum: Age Renewal Serum with 5 stem cells complex and ultra rich Hyaluronic Acid

Step 1 – Cleanser:

Renew & Calm
Soap Cleanser

Calendula Flower

Step 3 – Moisturizer:

Face Oil

For radiant glow

Renew & Balance
Face Oil

Clear purified skin

Step 4 – Serum:

Age Renewal

Super nutrient booster

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Diet and Lifestyle Tips for Normal to Sensitive Skin Types

Here are some daily life tips to keep your sensitive skin on the right track.

  • Keep your skin always moisturized.
  • Prevent your skin from drying out that can cause itching
  • Avoid harsh chemicals, astringents, and products
  • Use a gentle cleanser or soap-free cleansers to keep the healthy oils inside
  • Use organic oils in your skincare routine
  • Get a soothing bath twice a week
  • Avoid low-quality jewelry specifically the nickel one
  • Apply nail enamel to the inside of the jewelry
  • Apply topical face oil in case of itching and inflammation
  • Avoid using perfume
  • Use broad-spectrum sunscreens regularly to avoid any further damage
  • Add organic/natural products in your skincare routine
  • Use cotton or natural fibers and only pat dry the skin. Avoid rubbing
  • Always use patch testing technique before applying any new product
  • Avoid heavy make-up

Few general tips are:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Don’t take the stress
  • Eat healthy
  • Stay hydrated

Below is a list of few problem ingredients that can be the root cause of a skin problem or can further aggravate the existing problem. These include:

  • Alcohol
  • Menthol
  • Abrasive scrubs
  • Pore clogging waxes
  • Thick/harsh emollients
  • Irritants