Electronic Transaction in Healthcare: HIPAA X12N 270/271

What is the significance of HIPAA X12N 270/271 in electronic transactions for healthcare?

How does the transaction 270 play a role in benefit inquiry within healthcare?


The HIPAA X12N 270/271 in electronic transactions for healthcare holds a crucial role in benefit inquiry within the healthcare industry. The 270 transaction serves as a gateway for healthcare providers to obtain essential information regarding patient benefits coverage from the payer/insurance.

Within the realm of electronic transactions in healthcare, the HIPAA X12N 270/271 standards provide a framework for exchanging crucial information related to healthcare. In this context, the transaction 270 specifically refers to the healthcare eligibility benefit inquiry.

When a healthcare provider needs to verify a patient's eligibility, coverage, or benefits under a specific health plan, they initiate the 270 transaction. This transaction encompasses inquiries related to pre-authorization, referrals, and the provision of various treatments and services.

The 270 transaction is initiated by the healthcare provider and is directed towards the payer/insurance. By submitting a 270 transaction, the healthcare provider seeks detailed information about the benefits covered by the patient's insurance. This process is essential for ensuring that patients receive the necessary care and treatments that are covered by their insurance plans.

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