Easy-Read Column Format Labels + Violent Glass Bottles for Freshness

“We care about all the details of our products…”

Easy-Read Column Format Labels

“helps you become a label scholar!”

When it comes to skin care, the most important first step is to check the ingredient list. A good product is not about the chic packaging. It matters most to consumers about what effective ingredients are inside.

However, all the scientific names and Latin words of the ingredients can make it feel like reading a foreign language. Plus, when you flip over the package of a moisturizer or serum, the ingredient list is jam packed with long names, making it exhausting to just go over the list.

We believe that skin care labels should be informative but not confusing. Stepping outside of the box, we designed our ingredient labels in an easy-read column format. It enables us to present the ingredients in a clear and concise way rather than jumbling the ingredients together, so that our customers can seamlessly understand.

High Quality Violet Bottles

“scientifically proven to keep products fresh!”

Storing and keeping the skin care fresh is as important as putting high quality ingredients to start with. Visible light from the sun is one of the key factors that reduce ingredients potency.

Therefore, we sourced high quality violet bottles to keep our products fresh. Here are the features of our violet bottles:

  • Deep violet color bottles with thick wall that appears black
  • Scientifically proven to effectively block visible sunlight, which help keep products fresh
  • Airtight design that avoid oxygen damage to products
  • Maintain the value of the products at the same high level over a long time period
  • Recyclable and Eco-friendly