The Philosophy of Zi-Run

Zi-Run is the process of nourishing and moisturizing based on the idea that healthy and younger-looking skin can be achieved by replenishing potent nutrients. The heart of Laloirelle, our Herbal Rejuvenation Complex embraces the ultimate effectiveness, utilizing prized herbs for longevity and well-being. We strive for Zi-Run in all areas to create result-driven skin care products.

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Herbal Rejuvenation Complex

Fortified with herbs that deliver the highest levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and beta-glucans to deep layers of skin, Laloirelle®’s skincare products protect skin from environmental stressors, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and leaves your skin softer, smoother, more hydrated and youthful looking.

The Laloirelle Herbal Rejuvenation Complex consists of organic Caterpillar Fungus extract,  organic forest grown Ginseng extract and organic Reishi Mushroom extract. This exclusive complex is included in all Laloirelle oil moisturizers and serums.

We invite you to experience the rejuvenating, anti-aging power of our Herbal Rejuvenation Complex today.

Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract

Known as the herb of spiritual potency

Reishi Mushroom, called Ling-Zhi in Chinese, is known as the herb of spiritual potency. For over 2,000 years, it has been relied upon by Chinese practitioners to promote well- being and health.  Reishi Mushroom is loaded with antioxidant properties, and is known to help support its anti-aging capability.

Like Caterpillar Fungus, it contains beta-glucan in its cell walls, helping to support healthier skin. Fortified with these beta-glucans, our facial products also calm dry, itchy skin, soothe sensitive skin, and protect it from the daily  environmental stressors. Containing Reishi Mushroom extract, our products provides the ultimate in hydration to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, plump skin for a youthful appearance, and maximize your defense against aging.

Powered with Reishi Mushroom extract that is also packed with super minerals of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, our facial products promote skin firmness and elasticity as well as renewing the look of beautiful skin.

Organic Forest Grown Ginseng Extract

One the foremost anti-aging herbs on the planet

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers Ginseng one the foremost anti-aging herbs on the planet. It is often called a skin superfood with rejuvenating and revitalizing power. Fortified with Ginseng extract, our skincare products offer anti-wrinkle qualities, foster skin brightening and purify skin.

Containing Ginseng extract that is rich in antioxidants, our facial products help fight against environmental stressors, nourish and support while acting as a natural skin balancer to help quell redness and puffiness. Ginseng is also packed with the vitamins and minerals your skin needs to remain healthy. Our facial products help your skin look brighter, smoother, and more vibrant.

Powered with Ginseng, our facial products also help even skin appearance, firm, tone, and plump skin and banish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Due to over-harvesting, wild American Ginseng has become extremely rare in the United States. At Laloirelle, we are proud to offer certified organic and forest grown Ginseng in partnership with United Plant Savers. Our Ginseng roots are cultivated in their native ecosystem for at least seven years and are sustainably harvested in the USA.

Organic Caterpillar Fungus Extract

Arguably quite unique

The most unique and effective ingredient we use is the Cordyceps Mushroom, also known as Caterpillar Fungus. In Chinese it is called Dong-Chong-Xia-Cao, meaning that it is a caterpillar in the winter that turns into an herb in the summer.

In the traditional Chinese medicine, Caterpillar Fungus is valued for promoting longevity, restoring energy, and its anti-aging capability, much of which is due to its potent antioxidant activity. And, if that weren’t enough, Caterpillar Fungus can also alleviates temporary redness or discomfort and calm sensation.

Caterpillar Fungus is also a rich source of beta-D-glucans (sugars found in the cell walls of the mushrooms). Containing Caterpillar Fungus, our skincare products help maintain smoother, softer and healthier skin, promote elasticity and skin hydration and offer a new level of firmness.

The Cordyceps used in the proprietary Laloirelle Herbal Rejuvenation Complex is organically grown in the USA.