Greetings in French Culture

What is la bise?

La bise refers to a kiss on the cheek often used in French culture to greet others.

Who uses la bise?

In France, using a kiss to greet others is quite common even for men. Indeed, you will greet your family and friends with la bise. But you might use more formal greetings for people like your boss or your colleagues.

True or false

Is it true that men from the same family will exchange la bise or just shake hands?

Yes, it is true that men from the same family will exchange la bise or just shake hands.

In French culture, greeting with la bise, which is a kiss on the cheek, is a common social custom. It is a way of showing affection and respect towards family and friends. Men from the same family will usually exchange la bise as a form of greeting, while they might opt for a handshake in more formal situations.

La bise is not just a simple physical action but it carries a lot of meaning. It signifies closeness and intimacy within relationships. However, it is important to note that the use of la bise may vary depending on the region in France and personal preferences of individuals.

Understanding the cultural significance of la bise can help individuals navigate social interactions in French-speaking countries and show respect for local customs.

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