Yin Yin Wu believes that her mother and grandmother cultivated her love for nature. As a child, she used to explore the nearby mountains in search of medicinal plants that her family used to heal their body and mind and stay healthy.


With an analytical mind, constantly asking questions about how things work, it was only natural for Yin Yin to follow a scientific career. She decided to enroll in UCLA and study the science of skin cell aging. Today, she is a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and in charge of the formulation and brand development at Laloirelle.


Yin Yin Wu is also a Licensed LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and has a lifelong passion for sustainability and green environment. A minimalist at heart, Yin Yin translates her love of nature into her work, giving Laloirelle the clean simplicity that is centered around the healing properties of herbs.


The whiz behind the Laloirelle outreach programs is Anita Wu, the creative mind of the sister duo. Being surrounded by nature during her childhood in Southeast China has had a huge impact on her value system and the passions she pursued in life.


Preoccupied about how humans bond with nature and with each other and how we can best communicate our beliefs and desires, Anita Wu has pursued a Sociology major with minor in marketing business. She is also a former Toastmasters International San Francisco Chapter president. That makes her the expert at Laloirelle when it comes to promoting the amazing power of the herbs used in her sister’s formulas.


Another big passion in Anita’s life is expanding her perspectives through travel across the world. So far, she explored Asia, Europe, South, and North America. A yoga practitioner and wine enthusiast, Anita’s values revolve around mindful living and the equilibrium between body and mind health.