We believe that you deserve the best. This means you should never have to choose between skin care products that work and are ultimately effective and products that are actually good for your skin. That’s why we focus on complex formulation and quality in order to present premium, non-toxic options that deliver amazing results.

Our complex formulas are crafted using the most effective natural ingredients at high concentrations for maximum results.

And, every one of our formulas has numerous ingredients for one very specific reason…

They work in synergy to deliver results you would never get from just one or two “hero” ingredients alone. At Laloirelle, we know that complex formulation and quality matters when you seek real results from your skin care products. That’s why for everyone who is ready to achieve healthy glowing skin, we offer our guarantees in the following.


"We invite you to experience the Laloirelle difference today with our exclusive skin care formulations."

1. Only Complex and Optimized Formulations

We guarantee that the only thing that matters to us when we are creating a product is that it works.

That’s why we never set a budget before we begin crafting a formula. This allows us to optimize each and every product, using a large number of complex natural extracts, and combining them to ensure they deliver the promised results.

We source exotic, effective ingredients from around the world, and include them at intense concentrations, no matter their costs, so that you can get the amazingly beautiful skin you want.

For example, compared to brands that would put only a small amount of hyaluronic acid in their formulas just to be able to put it on the label, we optimize our products using the maximum effective dosage of the skin hydrator in our serum.

2. Exclusive and Effective

Our founder, Yin Yin Wu, uses her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), along with the latest in skincare technology, to develop each of our exclusive formulas. Using the same techniques her grandparents utilized to create longevity tonic infusions, Yin Yin crafts the most highly effective herbal infusions and incorporates TCM into our proprietary skin care line. With Laloirelle, your skin will benefit from powerful ingredients not available in other brands, offering the amazing results you’ve been waiting for.

complex formulations by laloirelle

3. Quality Matters

At Laloirelle, we guarantee to only source organic certified ingredients worldwide whenever possible. Organic certified herbal extracts are not common in the skin care industry, but we know that in order to make positive changes in your skin, you must first start with quality ingredients. We choose only ingredients that are minimally processed, such as cold-press extractions, steam distillation and unrefined ingredients, so that our products can deliver the best results for your skin without the toxins found in other formulations.

4. Extraordinary and Effective Ingredients

Organic caterpillar fungus, organic forest grown American Ginseng, organic Reishi mushroom, saffron stem cell – these are not your everyday botanicals for skin care. Yet, they form the foundation of the Laloirelle system.

We source unique and powerful ingredients that make every Laloirelle product extraordinary. We research and study the scientific information for each and every one of our ingredients to understand exactly what they can do for your skin before we even begin formulation. We then spare no expense to craft formulas that give you the ultimate in glowing, gorgeous, vital, more youthful looking skin.