Laloirelle Luminous Face Oil - Laloirelle LLC
Luminous Face Oil Glowing Skin Ingredients - Laloirelle
Laloirelle Luminous Face Oil - Laloirelle LLC
Laloirelle Luminous Face Oil - Laloirelle LLC
Laloirelle Luminous Face Oil - Laloirelle LLC
Laloirelle Luminous Face Oil - Laloirelle LLC
Laloirelle Luminous Face Oil - Laloirelle LLC
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Laloirelle Luminous Face Oil

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A delicate blend of white peony root, marigold flower, and lotus leaf extracts, Laloirelle Luminous Face Oil is infused with pomegranate seed oil and cacao oil for glowing, radiant skin that feels hydrated, plump, and firm. A rich fusion of antioxidants, vitamin C, and fatty acids, this oil is crafted to calm, soothe, and nourish while delivering a youthful lift and the ultimate in silky smooth skin. (Made in USA, 98% Organic.)

30 ml (4-month supply)
For Skin Types:
  • Normal skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Dry skin
  • Combination skin
Aroma: Herbal, nutty cacao, light floral
Texture: Medium

Highlighted Anti-Aging Herbal Ingredients:

  • White Peony Root: Brightening, Soothing
  • Marigold Flower: Soothing, Promotes Healing
  • Lotus Leaf: Purifying, Soothing
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil (virgin, cold-pressed): Anti–Aging, Regenerating, Antioxidant
  • Cacao Oil (steam distillate): Anti-Aging, Super Antioxidant (the anti-oxidant concentrate is higher in Vitamin C than an orange and twenty-times of green tea)


  1. BRIGHTENING, ANTI-AGING HERBAL INFUSION: A luxury face oil infused with potent herbs. Loaded with brightening, soothing, regenerating and purifying properties.
  2. GLOWING MOISTURIZER: Pomegranate oil has the richest punicic acid (Omega-5) of all plant oils. Omega 5 helps encourage revitalized skin, promote elasticity feeling, and reduce the appearance of dullness with an instant glow.
  3. PURE AND EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS: Crafted with Premium Ingredients Sourced Worldwide. Pure natural ingredients made with cold-press extraction, steam distillation, and herbal infusion. 98% USDA certified organic ingredients.
  4. SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING: Biophotonic (aka ultraviolet) glass bottles blocks harmful lights and it's recyclable.

How to Use:

After cleansing and toning, apply 2-3 drops using fingertips, smooth gently over the face. Use in the morning and at night.

  • For best results, pair Laloirelle Luminous Face Oil with Laloirelle Age Renewal Serum.
  • Apply the face oil under makeup to help keep the skin moisturized.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

have used 3 of the Laloirelle face oils and every single one is a winner. The weather has turned cold and I am an outdoorsy gal. I go for runs and love to hike. The colder weather can certainly wreak havoc on my skin, leaving it horribly dry. I have been religiously applying one or the other of the Laloirelle face oils twice a day, which truly transform my face. This particular Luminous Face Oil does exactly what its name implies. Once absorbed, my skin truly looks radiant and feels so soft and supple. Even my lips - the first casualty of being in the cold outdoors -become so soft and very kissable. Forget lip balms - they don't work anywhere as good as this face oil. In fact, you can forego your regular moisturizer. All you need is this face oil.

This is an oil for sure, very moisturizing. Too moisturizing for my face.

This seems to be a quality product. I tried it on my face, and I kind of expected to have breakouts because that is what straight oil does to my face. I was right, I did get some acne from the oil. This would be great for someone with very dry skin/someone who can use oil on their face.

I did find another use for it. My hair really likes it, and it helps my ends from looking too dry and frizzy. So if you find it doesn't work for your skin, give it a try on your hair!


My skin feels firm, young, and refreshed. Really good ingredients and virtually organic. A pampering experience.

Very hydrating for my dry skin and clean ingredients.

For reference, I have quite dry sensitive skin that I particularly struggle with in the colder months (living in the high desert certainly doesn't help!). I struggle with keeping my skin hydrated and can sometimes get red flaky patches.

Using "clean" makeup and skincare is a priority for me. I try my best to avoid any potentially harmful ingredients in the products that I use. For this reason, in particular, I was drawn to this Deep Hydration Face Oil from Laloirelle.

I am new to the Laloirelle brand but was instantly impressed by the ingredients that they choose to include in their products, as well as what they choose not to include.

Laloirelle calls this Deep Hydration Face Oil "a deeply nourishing combination of red ginseng, Shitake mushroom, and elderflower extracts pairs perfectly with avocado oil and Helichrysum flower oil. Thoroughly hydrate, promote elasticity, and instantly fill in fine lines and wrinkles. Deep Hydration Face Oil is unparalleled for nourishing very dry or aging skin."

The packaging itself is a minimalist black opaque glass bottle with a dropper dispenser. The labeling is simple and minimalist.

I have added this oil to my morning and evening skincare routines and am very happy with the results. The oil itself has a really nice natural herbal/floral smell. It has a very light texture that absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling greasy. I add a few drops to my fingertips and apply to my face and neck after cleansing and toning. This oil feels moisturizing and nourishing to my skin. My skin feels so soft after using this. My sensitive skin hasn't had any redness as a response to using this oil.

I'm really happy with this Deep Hydration Face Oil from Laloirelle and will continue to keep it as part of my morning and evening skincare routines. I highly recommend it!

Very hydrating with consistent use, not fond of the scent but it is very mild

I have now tried three different Laloirelle face oils - Age Defy, Deep Hydration, and Luminous. My skin has become quite dry and somewhat itchy in the last few years and I have found that mixing some face oil in with my favorite moisturizer has really helped, as has applying the oil in the morning and again at night. All the oils I have tried have greatly helped with moisturizing my dry sensitive skin. I have not noticed any other effects such a plumping or glowing but I do have a nice dewy look and feel to my skin. The Age Defy face oil is the slowest to absorb. In the future I will only apply this oil at night as it leaves my face oily for too long. Both the Luminous and the Deep Hydration absorb fairly quickly with the Luminous absorbing the fastest for me. They have quite different scents which are very hard to describe - I guess earthy is the best word. I don't really care for any of the scents but they are not bad and the scents are very mild so I only notice them during application. I don't mind paying a lot for a face oil since a small bottle lasts a very long time and I enjoy the luxury. All these oils work well for me - however I do not think I will be getting these again since I am not delighted with any of them. Also they have the drawback of coming in a dropper bottle and I find the dropper bottles too messy and to prone to tipping over. I have a very small vanity counter and I have come prefer facial oils that come in a pump bottle that delivers a small measured dose after tipping over too many dropper bottles.