Chinese Face Mapping For Acne: Understanding This Ancient Anti-Acne Strategy

Face mapping has been used to track acne and health problems for hundreds of years in China. This Chinese ancient medicine uses holistic acne treatments to address the cause of acne and acne breakouts – rather than simply trying to cover it up.


It may seem unbelievable, but the acne face maps can really help you take control of your skin and your overall health. Most Chinese medicinal systems are designed to help you understand the correlation and interconnection between internal organs – like the heart, liver, and kidneys – and external organs like the skin. So, what do you need to know about Chinese face mapping for acne? Find out now!

What is Face Mapping for Acne?

Essentially, Chinese face mapping is used to break down each part of the skin on the face, and help you determine what dysfunctions or health problems may be causing your acne and advice for dealing with acne.

Chin and jawline acne, for example, usually indicate hormonal issues – such as a recently-started or recently-concluded menstrual cycle. Pimples and acne on the nose may indicate problems with your heart health, and so on.

In this next section, we’ll take a look at each major area of the face, causes of acne in each one, based on Chinese face mapping, and how you can be treating and preventing these different types of acne.

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1. Upper Forehead – Digestive Problems

Breakouts on the upper forehead below the hairline usually indicate digestive issues of some sort, with your large intestine. This could be caused by a poor diet, or other intestinal problems like inflammation. Dysfunctions in the digestive system and the large intestine can lead to high levels of toxin buildup, which can produce skin breakouts, in turn.

If you find that you have forehead acne, there are a few home remedies you can try to address their source. Try to consume more antioxidants, avoid eating too many processed foods, and shampoo your hair twice a week. Drinking more water may also help cleanse the area.

2 . Lower Forehead – Mental Issues

Acne on the lower forehead, right above the browline, is typically indicative of some mental issues. If you’ve been depressed, stressed, or anxious, this can manifest itself in acne.

To treat acne on the lower forehead, do your best to relax and de-stress yourself. Take a spa day, or consider seeing a therapist or another professional if you feel that you cannot handle your stress or other mental issues on your own.

3. Eyebrows – Liver

Acne around and between the eyebrows typically indicates issues with your liver, and poor blood circulation. If you’re drinking a lot of alcohol or eating a lot of processed foods, you may be stressing your liver, which is responsible for eliminating toxins from your body.

To reduce the impact of this acne, try to work out more often and stay active. This helps with blood circulation. Stay away from processed foods and alcohol.

4. Nose – Cardiovascular Health

Breakouts on and around the nose indicate some kind of cardiovascular dysfunction, which is usually related to the diet. Constipation and other indigestion-related conditions may also cause breakouts around the nose.

To help get rid of acne on the nose, you should try to follow a diet plan rich in whole grains and vegetables, and fiber. This will help with both cardiovascular issues and digestive problems. Additionally, try to relax and de-stress more often.

5. Cheeks – Lung Dysfunction

Cheeks acne is often seen in smokers, as the toxins that affect your lungs can manifest in this area. Exposure to the sun and use of improper skin products can also cause acne on the cheeks.

To treat acne on the cheeks, the first thing you should do is try to quit smoking, if you do smoke. In addition, use lightweight moisturizer and serum skin care products on your skin that do not clog pores, and apply sunscreen regularly, to keep the sensitive skin of the cheeks healthy.

6. Mouth – Stomach And Small Intestine

Issues with mouth acne often manifest due to poor diet, which causes issues with the stomach and small intestine. If you regularly consume a lot of greasy, fatty, and sugar-laden foods, you may break out around the mouth excessively.

Eat foods that are high in fiber, and try to avoid going out to eat, or getting take-out frequently, as these foods usually have a high sugar, starch, and fat content. Additionally, change your pillowcases regularly, and make sure your facial skin is clean before bed.

7. Chin And Jawline – Hormonal/Reproductive Imbalances

Unfortunately, hormonal acne on the jawline and chin is all-too-common, and hard to treat. If you believe you may have hormone levels imbalances, you may want to see a doctor to get further help for medical treatments.

In addition, some forms of birth control may help eliminate hormonal imbalances. Hence, it could potentially help prevent the formation of hormonal acne around the chin and jaw.

Beyond this, make sure you’re using lightweight skin care products, especially around the time of your menstrual cycle, and keep your skin clean and free of excessive oils during your period. You can also try dry brushing or a skin care product with salicylic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells.

8. Ears – Kidney Stress

Acne on and around the ears, while rare, is often associated with kidney stress. Eating sodium-laden foods, or drinking too many caffeine-laden drinks like energy drinks, coffee and tea can stress your kidney and dehydrate them, leading to ear acne.

You can address this by drinking more water. Aim for 2-3 liters per day, and try to reduce the amount of salt and caffeine you consume.

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Follow This Face Mapping for Acne – And Find The Source Of Your Acne!

Chinese skin mapping is a useful tool for tracing the cause of your breakouts, and knowing the remedies. So take another look at this guide, and see how you can use these tips for your skin care routine.

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