12 Powerful Anti-Aging Food for Healthier skin

Even more than the products you put on your skin, the foods to eat can have a huge positive (or negative) impact on your skin’s health, texture and appearance.

Of course, there is no one single type of food that can erase all your wrinkles and make you look 10 years younger. But, a healthy, versatile diet with fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants can certainly help slow down the aging process, and help your skin age more gracefully with smoother skin.

12 powerful anti-aging food for healthier skin

These 12 top anti-aging foods for your skin and body are especially beneficial for maintaining your skin youthful and healthy, and to age gracefully:

1.   Green Tea / Anti-Aging Food

Green tea is famous for promoting longevity, helping maintain a healthy weight and lowering the risk of many common health conditions. Its regular consumption can also help with maintaining your skin healthy and youthful, as it has a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect to protect your skin. Green tea contains polyphenol that may help reduce photoaging, premature wrinkles and fine lines, skin sagging and UV-induced dark spots.

2. Nuts / Anti-Aging Food

Nuts (especially almonds and walnuts) and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, etc.) are a great healthy snack option that can maintain your skin soft, smooth and glowing. These products contain many healthy fats (for example - omega-3 fatty acid) that moisturize the skin from the inside, delay the formation of aging signs and soothe inflammations that can make your skin look older. Plus, nuts and seeds are typically high in vitamin E, which is a great natural antioxidant and skin protectant for beautiful skin.

3. Blueberry / Anti-Aging Food

Blueberries, as well as most other berry fruits, are just fantastic for aging skin. They are packed with essential nutrients of antioxidants, mostly flavonoids, that protect the skin against free radicals and may reduce oxidative DNA damage. Vitamins A and C that can be found in blueberries in high amounts can help improve the collagen production and keep your skin firm, bright and supple. A cup of blueberries a day could also potentially help improve your coordination and balance.

4. Red Wine / Anti-Aging Food

A glass of red wine a day can do wonders for mature skin. Wine contains powerful antioxidants, mostly polyphenol resveratrol, that fights against free radicals and maintains the skin youthful, healthy and glowing. Just be careful – drinking more than recommended one glass a day can have the opposite effect and make your skin look even older than it actually is.

5.  Avocado / Anti-Aging Food

Avocado is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, source of vitamins B, C, E and K, beta-carotene, potassium, lycopene, etc. It protects the skin against harmful environmental influences, helps soothe irritations and inflammations, moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and smooth. The vitamin A in avocado stimulates the skin renewal process and could have a powerful anti-aging effect to the skin.

6. Pomegranate / Anti-Aging Food

Pomegranate is considered to be one of the most powerful anti-aging superfoods. Its tiny juicy brilliant-red seedpods are packed with vitamin C, which is a natural antioxidant that can significantly delay the formation of premature skin aging signs. Pomegranate also contains compound called ellagic acid and punicalagin, which could help with preserving collagen and maintaining the skin firm and smooth. For topical usage, pomegranate seeds oil is great to keep skin moisturized, improves skin elasticity, reduce signs of aging with some anti-inflammatory properties.

7.  Salmon / Anti-Aging Food

Salmon is an oily fish rich in omega-3 fatty acid. This gives it its significant anti-inflammatory effect, plus it moisturizes the skin from the inside out, makes it soft, smooth and supple and improves its resilience. Eating salmon can also help you soothe inflamed acne, redness and irritations. Plus, salmon provides protein, which is important for synthesis of collagen and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

8. Broccoli Sprouts / Anti-Aging Food

Broccoli sprouts are very young broccoli plants that are even higher in beneficial anti-aging compounds than mature broccoli. They contain high amounts of sulforaphane, which is a glucosinolate that can prevent DNA damage. Eating broccoli sprouts regularly has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and even cancer-fighting potential to your whole body. They are easy to add to salads and smoothies, and you should try and add around 100g of broccoli sprouts to your meals every single day for healthy aging.


9. Spinach / Anti-Aging Food

Spinach replenishes and hydrates your whole body and it provides lots of antioxidants. It is rich in vitamins A, C, E and K, magnesium and lutein. It has an overall positive effect on your body, including improving the health of your bones and muscles, reducing inflammation, keeping your eyes clear and sparkling, maintaining your skin smooth and firm and giving you a healthy, shiny and strong hair.

10. Mushrooms / Anti-Aging Food

Mushrooms are high in antioxidant compounds, especially ergothioneine (ERGO) and glutathione (GSH). They help reduce oxidative stress your skin is exposed to and that way delay aging signs. These antioxidants are also very heat stable, so cooking shouldn’t alter them. However, not all types of mushrooms are equally high in these antioxidants. The higher concentrations can be found in porcini mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, while many common species of mushroom contain lower amounts of these beneficial compounds.


11.   Sesame / Anti-Aging Food

Sesame seeds can help you improve your overall health and wellness, as well as improve the condition of your skin. These tiny seeds are excellent source of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and fiber. Other than making you look youthful on the outside, they can improve the condition of your body on the inside, all the way to your bones.


12. Goji Berry / Anti-Aging Food

Goji berries, or wolf-berries, are not a new discovery, but they have only recently gained a worldwide popularity. This nutrient-dense super-food is rich in amino-acids, vitamin C, beta-carotene, iron, potent antioxidants, etc. Goji berries improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture, maintaining it plump, smooth, optimally hydrated, and protect skin cell barrier. And, of course, the high antioxidant content protects the skin against UV rays damage and prevents the premature development of wrinkles, fine lines and dark age spots.


A healthy diet provides anti-aging benefits so that the skin is looking and feeling it's best and promotes healthy aging. In addition, vitamin C rich citrus fruits are great for boosting immunity, Greek yogurt is an , excellent source of calcium, which can help contribute to healthy bones. Leafy green, bell pepper, olive oil, and bone broth are some other food that is great for anti-aging.

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