How Are Nails Formed?

Where are nail cells formed in the nail structure?

a. In the cuticle

b. In the nail bed

c. In the nail matrix

d. In the nail plate


c. In the nail matrix

Nail cells are formed in the nail matrix, which is a deep layer of living epidermal tissue at the proximal end of the nail. The nail matrix contains stem cells that continuously divide to produce keratinocytes, the cells that make up the nail plate.

The nail matrix plays a crucial role in nail growth. As the keratinocytes are produced and pushed forward, they harden and form the visible nail plate. This process results in the growth of the nail, with new cells continually being added at the base of the nail near the matrix.

It is important to keep the nail matrix healthy to promote strong and healthy nail growth. Nail care practices, such as moisturizing the cuticles and protecting the nails from damage, can help maintain the health of the nail matrix and support the growth of strong nails.

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