Hammerhead Sharks: Fascinating Facts and Information

How do hammerhead sharks give birth?

Choose one:

a) Through laying eggs

b) Through live birth


Hammerhead sharks give birth through live birth.

Hammerhead sharks are fascinating creatures known for their distinctively shaped heads. One of the interesting aspects about hammerhead sharks is how they give birth. Unlike some other shark species that lay eggs, hammerhead sharks are viviparous, meaning they give live birth.

During the gestation period, the young sharks develop within the mother's body. The yolk sac initially contains the egg yolk and transfers nutrients to the growing embryo. As the embryo grows, the yolk sac becomes attached to the oviduct of the female shark, allowing nutrients to be transferred directly from the mother to the developing embryo.

The number of babies a hammerhead shark can have varies depending on the species. However, on average, they give birth to around 20-40 pups. This process of live birth in hammerhead sharks is truly remarkable and adds to the unique nature of these majestic predators.

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