Ordering the Steps of Protein Synthesis

Protein Synthesis Process

Protein synthesis is a complex biological process that involves the production of proteins within cells. Proteins are essential molecules that carry out various functions in the body, such as building tissues, regulating chemical reactions, and transporting molecules.

The process of protein synthesis can be broken down into several steps that occur in a specific order:

1. Amino acids are lined up in a sequence.

Protein synthesis begins with the transcription of DNA, which provides the instructions for building proteins. Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, are lined up in a specific sequence based on the information encoded in the DNA.

2. DNA is transcribed.

The next step in protein synthesis is the transcription of DNA into RNA. This process involves the synthesis of mRNA (messenger RNA) molecules that carry the genetic information from the DNA to the ribosomes, the protein-building machinery of the cell.

3. RNA is modified into mRNA.

After transcription, the RNA molecules undergo several modifications to become mature mRNA. These modifications include the removal of introns (non-coding regions) and the addition of a cap and a tail to protect the mRNA from degradation.

4. A ribosome binds to mRNA.

Once the mRNA is modified, it is ready to be translated into a protein. A ribosome binds to the mRNA and begins the process of protein synthesis by reading the genetic code and assembling the corresponding amino acids in the correct order.

5. Chemical bonds are formed and a protein is produced.

During translation, the ribosome links the amino acids together by forming peptide bonds. As the ribosome moves along the mRNA, it continues to add amino acids until a stop codon is reached, signaling the end of the protein synthesis process. The newly synthesized protein is released from the ribosome and can fold into its functional form.

Therefore, the correct order of the steps of protein synthesis is:

1. Amino acids are lined up in a sequence

2. DNA is transcribed

3. RNA is modified into mRNA

4. A ribosome binds to mRNA

5. Chemical bonds are formed and a protein is produced

What are the steps involved in protein synthesis? The steps involved in protein synthesis are: amino acids are lined up in a sequence, DNA is transcribed, RNA is modified into mRNA, a ribosome binds to mRNA, and chemical bonds are formed to produce a protein.
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