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How can a person be 15 years old in 1990 and then be 10 years old in the same year?

Is it possible that they were born b.c?

I have no idea what else it could be.


It might seem puzzling at first, but the explanation for a person being 15 years old in 1990 and then 10 years old in the same year is simple. It does not involve being born b.c or any mysterious time travel. The key to understanding this is realizing that the person is referring to two different individuals.

Initially, it may appear that the person is talking about themselves and experiencing some kind of time paradox. However, when carefully examining the wording, it becomes clear that the person is actually referring to two separate individuals who happen to have the same age in those particular years.

In 1990, one person is 15 years old. This individual could be anyone born in 1975 since adding 15 years to 1975 gives us the year 1990. Then, in the same year 1990, there is another person who is 10 years old. This second person would have been born in 1980, making them 10 years old during 1990.

Therefore, there is no need to delve into complex theories or alternative explanations. The situation presented simply involves the ages of two distinct individuals during a specific year, 1990.

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