"Make Room for Ethical Beauty"

The tipping point for me to start Laloirelle® came the moment I realized the beauty industry is filled with products marketed as “natural” but they are mostly made with non-natural ingredients.  Peeling off the “greenwashing” label you will find synthetics, petrochemicals, preservatives plus 80-90% water.

Traditionally this was not how beauty used to be. Born and raised in a small town in South China, herbs have not only been part of our family tradition for generations, but an integral part of our health, well-being and beauty regimen. Creating ethical and result-driven beauty products was the main driver for me to create Laloirelle®. Our products and complex formulations are made with the most potent, purest and ethically sourced organic ingredients, following our Green Chain BeautyTM standard.  Together, let’s make room for real natural, ethical beauty and promote a conscientious change.

    – Yin Yin Wu, Founder/ Creator


Scientifically Powered Natural Beauty

Our natural ingredients are backed by science and evaluated by time. Much of the anti-aging capability of our herbal extracts is due to its potent antioxidant activity. Our formulations balance plant oils containing oleic acid and linoleic acid that are naturally found in human skin cells. Our products are created for different skin conditions and do not clog pores.

Scientifically Powered Natural Beauty by Laloirelle

Ethical Beauty Matters

We are on a mission to make a conscious change to the skin care industry by combining Beauty + Wellness + Sustainability. It is important to us to equally create effective, empowering and eco-responsible skin care products.

Personalized Beauty for You

We cannot offer you the cheapest products because we do not fill our bottles with petrochemicals, synthetics and water. We source our highest quality organic ingredients globally and focus on complex formulation in order to present premium, non-toxic options that deliver amazing results to you.

Personalized Beauty by Laloirelle
Enviromental Social Conscientious

Environmental & Social Conscientious

At Laloirelle® we are committed to environmental sustainability and to positively impact societies worldwide. We actively give back to the Rain Forest Rescue® program promote a healthy planet. We donate 1% of our sales to charity and renewable energy projects resulting in community benefits, and save a 50 square foot area of rain forests for every product that is sold.

Laloirelle Promises


Yin Yin believes that her mother and grandmother cultivated her love for nature. As a child in South China, she used to explore the nearby mountains in search of medicinal plants that her family used to heal their body and mind and stay healthy.

Yin Yin is a licensed LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) engineer and has built a professional career in energy efficiency and sustainability. A minimalist at heart, Yin Yin translates her love of nature into her work, giving Laloirelle® the clean simplicity that is centered around the healing properties of herbs.

Yin Yin Wu


“Creating ethical and result-driven beauty products was the main driver for me to create Laloirelle®.”


Discover effective and ethical skin care products made with the most potent, purest organic ingredients.